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Hunnert Pages By March

So how many did we get? I didn't take note of the starting number . . . About fifty or so?
We got about 47...but, I believe the challenge was by the end of March....

Table Code

You should be able to copy out the html from a page and simply paste it in -- perhaps you just missed a closing bracket in the copy pasting?

good morning, chum

New pages

When you create new personages pages, perhaps you should start by copying the format from an established page, saving the trouble of having to add the table information later. 100 pages? Madness I say!

  • Uh, yes, that is a good idea. Sorry 'bout that. 100 pages!

samuel gompers

Steve, my computer finally up-ended on me two nights ago, so I'm out of the activity loop for at least a week, perhaps less. At any rate, I was hoping you could perhaps put together the definitive list of persons to be included in Who We Are. You seem uniquely posed to do this. I can then lay out a baseframe for the publication, including rough artwork. What do you think of the Queztocoatl idea?

When I get a head count I can get a page count -- or rough one out, verily. Then I can see what kind of dough is involved and further discern the viability of gettin' fancy. What say?

A new hope

  • Maybe I can convince her to either give it up or send me some digital imagery....Choco was always a favorite of mine...
  • LOL holy shit i forgot about the choco painting. YOU MUST RETRIEVE AN IMAGE OF THIS PRECIOUS ITEM
  • Yeah, I figured it out finally. :) Anyway, there is a pic of Choco---in Tampa. Alas. Dr. Jensen's also got the Choco painting. No Balloonjaw as far as I know.

Coolness, glad to hear we didn't have some kind of corruption. So, do you have an old picture of choco or balloonjaw? Remember, they were created at the same time, in the same spirit and we had drawings of them at one point. I have a collage I did later with Choco, but none of the proto-illustrations.

I'm not sure what you mean in regards to number subheadings? Do you mean like here -- Crack Stepper Jack, the Untold Story Told?

  • Well Tim, very weird things afoot. On my home computer, Subheadings (Desiderata, etc) have started to sprout numbers, ie:

1 Known Works

I must have fuggered my preferences or something because at work there aren't any. ?

I'm all down...woop!....let's put in the color plates and the helvetica....I like Weal's new voice....kinda scary...the tub emanates....

Why are you adding numbers to subheadings? ...I don't like the look and it doesn't aid in navigation, plus to change existing subheadings would be a task, etc. Curious...a new level of revision...

Our first real guest editor! Not too shabby. Hey we need to talk soon about collecting the first quarter of the Tub in hardback.

Yah, the new category is great -- it's all coming together. I find it very amusing how one can edit a single entry a zillion times without reaching fervor -- but there fervor is, all agag about itself, hanging out the fucking window.

Still not sure where you're going with the young lords thing -- ? I keep wanting to edit it but can't without changing it fundamentally. LOl -- it's funny really, some things about the Tug offend my sensibilities. The point, perhaps?

Went to a Kerry supporter rally tonight. How about that for eating soup without bread? And here I am a bread addict! Witness my cheeks!

It's the late night mad work we should have had in Tampa -- but didn't. Sven and I have been drinking here like crazy, stoning out. Next time we all get togther it should be priority to sit down and have a proper tub.

Now if we can only get Krystine and Baldwin in on the action -- both of whom consistently offer excuses ever more elaborate.


Damn, Steve, you are kickin' it indeed!


har! look forward to seeing the Adkins Clan on 82704. I think you meant: "....he awoke to find her transformed into a Persian gift. At last, he cried, I will be learn about horses . . . "

you are a dirty negro

i would suggest storing unwanted, edited or excised (bowderlized, ablated material) -- kinky japanese girl. Into the Non canonical part I've made -- name it alternately if you wish -- but store accidentalist tubs in this area. heyo

indeed sir, this is fine excersise. and what makes it particularly keen is here I am with johanna, larfing it all up good and proper. The vaporslave entry, for instance, took 20 minutes between Stanley Tweedle, Lex, that scifi show you prolly don't get the Arab Countries,

  • I would add that the "unopened head" is very much unlike the "opened head" -- though your conflation of the two is an intrigue.

hehe, well probably stay all over the place -- we're in town for like 6 days or something like that. And i have to chill with my mom during some of that so, heyo. Definite on Coyle, hell yeah. But I'll shoot you a proper email with all the details in a few days. I really hope Sven and I can get suits, that'll be the bomb. We should arrange to have a mad work tub session machine around at some point, even if we don't get goin' at it.

  • It would appear that The Tub is having a kind of Jewish invasion. Awesome.

spoke with k-lady the other night and it would seem she's "intimidated" -- i of course tried to salve the matter, we shall see

  • I would also add that perhaps you underestimate the befuddling power of The Tub. Everyone un-associated that has seen it have been stunned and puzzled.

mormo -- lol. as for tampa, yeah, sven and I will roll in on the 27th, appropriately enough. We are looking now to buy suits. As for the stylesheet there are two things that bug me: The font size and the spacing between lines. I must change those. As for the color scheme, I'd just like to bring it down a bit, what would you think of bascially aping the current Vaporslave scheme?

Rememeber also that if you don't like it, you can just choose monobook (the current scheme) as the default style in your preferences.

heh, i was going to change it benjamin peret, but it didn't really jive with the paranoia bits -- ah well so what do you think of the blood red blues cover? Gonna work it over tongith some more if I don't go to the expo -- seems off, needs a little symbological excess. Do you have a picture of the plastic tub, btw

rockin' -- wish I could join you. I'm at work -- but man, sven and I went Mad Work all over the tub the other night, was fun as hell. Some great stuff you've been adding, btw, I'm lovin' it. Can you add that Tampa poem you found to the Tampa page? Wonder about the legal bits on that one.

Working on some Dutch Forkes novel covers at home . . . 8)

well tim and I are hanging, watching your shit appear like magic

hey what does your wife think you're doing?

you simply choose the upload file option in the menu at left. From there it's pretty straightforward. You can add alignment to the left and right by using the syntax |left|

hey! some great additions, the tub is really shaping up. The cutlet formatting kinda fails tho, doncha think? I'm gonna try and do that shit up with tables.

  • poopy

Sup, Champ? you edit even as I smoke!

When next you log in, you should be able to delete, protect, etc.

I've been Titor'd!

Whoops meant to change that


Laughing my ass off, nice work for an expat. Whoop!


his nether eye indeed. LOL


The redirect bit works like this --

leaving the 'top' page blank, go straight to edit and add only this code:

#REDIRECT [[The link in question]]

This will produce some text on the front page like this

1. Redirect The link in question

Etc. But it seems sluggish to take notice. It will work, but takes some refreshing. Saving the referring page out again seems to speed this along.

As for deleting pages, I'm not sure -- you must be able to. You can move them, however, which is basically renaming.