Tepid ... Her Pools

From Plastic Tub

Sven and The Tingles' Tepid . . . Her Pools is the smoking debut of a major talent," said the March TV Guide from 1992. This torrent of critical praise aside, most recognize this initial outing as the defining soundtrack of the second week of March, 1992 -- not including that Monday. Eclipsed by Nirvana almost immediately, the album languished in obscurity until resurrected on The Poob Enthusiast, a right-wing talk show famous for it's rabid attack on Nevid Kessar's controversial reversal of the newly-introduced Poob Bargain.

To date, the album has sold around 64,000 copies, mostly in Japan and Lithuania, where it is known as the "soundtrack of the Atsitikimas." Japanese fanzine Banana Poob called it "teriffic slut-core of delirious Western apple love."

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The album was originally slated to be called Transit of Penis.

The album's small but dedicated cult following refer to themselves as "Tepplers."