From Plastic Tub

it's so obviously puti-core, without the extra toy-like "t" -- that you actually worked this change backwards to the degree you did is fuckall.

You win by my laziness to change it back.

(Later) I must ask, wtf siezed to do that? You went and changed the perfectly poetic into banality, not only once, but across dozens of pages! I'm flabergasted.

Cherubs/Small children = Putti; hence the change. I didn't want people thinking we had made a spelling mistake! But, it was a pretty ridiculous thing to do, in retrospect. Would have been much more productive to clear up the timeline of the damn thing than making so many fiddly changes. I don't know what got into me other than an uptight concern to "jive" with the Italian. Not quite sure it changes the perfectly poetic into banality as much as it was a pretty banal thing to do, though. What a pain in the ass it was; still, I wouldn't have done it if I hadn't thought it worthwhile, but there's no reason it can be changed back to what it was, though not today....On an unrelated note, I watched a tape I ended up with called "Prince Manor" that has a lot of silliness on it but I actually guffawed at the outtakes from that video we made about being swallowed up by the big fluffy cushion.