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poobite, pooban, poobean n. euphemistic. 1. One who celebrates and through action extends the influence of Poob Culture. 2. A jingo; an extreme nationalist or super-patriot. 3. One whose mentative processes are defined by a spirit of contrarity; a reactionary. 4. The victim of a Poob Bargain. 5. An ill-conceived name for a tiny, "chocolaty" delight; a Halloween untreat.


"Putti-Culture has traditionally rejected this mode of apprehension -- your average poobite couldn't follow this line of thought if it were lit by a jar of carmelized phosphorous." - Dr. Peter Von Fondle, in his firecracker speech to the Wiki Crowd.

"You make a great toilet" -- random "tid-bit" from the mysterious film collection of Marcus Kempton

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