On this stuff called Poop

From Plastic Tub

27 scatological sonnets written by Guvernor Morris for his friends, privately printed and distributed at a masque. Each one featured an original dirty drawing by Albert Kook. An unknown number were printed on fine vellum and hand-stitched at Rathersbone and Son's, Brooklyne, in March, 1800. There are no known copies and the Morris estate denies any ever existed. Milton Rogers, however, disagrees, offering examples and almost conclusive proof that the volume enjoyed the patronage of several founding fathers. The discovery of Sonnet 27 has since caused much controversy in historical circles and is endlessly recited at AA gatherings.

Ben Franklin called it "delightful, prurient, poop-filled," and was rebuked soundly for a "striking lack of aesthetic morals." (Hamilton, 1801)


--- Sonnet no. 27

Upon the morning so bright and shiny
I did so ramble over hill and glade
To pick the cherry of Jefferson's maid
And to pack the Polish sausage betwixt the hiny
And then Adam's slave by midmorning made
My little man at full attention stand
And from bush to barn with firm dick in hand
Did expose myself in the myrtle’s shade
Then lunch and coffee me and Albert Kook
To the taverns for the distractions
Me two young negress Al a dirty book
Shared pokes during hot girl-on-girl action
A couple more brandies and a twice more rum
Still ain’t enough to poke me fat wife's bum