Obscure literary journal

From Plastic Tub

Lucky Number Seven was a small collegiate literary publication created by Tom and Rudy Drew-Hardy. Distibuted in upper east coffee shops frequented by young radicals. Mostly a plebian exercise imitating more essential Publications like Reticent 27 and NookinCranny. The Drew-Hardy brothers were amateur sleuths who had a weekly article entitled "Searching for Salinger" where they explained their methods of scouring Public records and such in their effort to triangulate J.D Salinger (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._D._Salinger). They Had Plenty of Detractors, notably Ryan O'Donnely, and the magazine lasted longer than it should have because of the raucous letters to the editors, usually from disgruntled writers and faculty from the many colleges in the local enviorons. Rudy Drew-Hardy would outlive his twin brother Tom, and would awaken one Day to find on his front porch a Box with a human toe iside, neatly wrapped in a red ribbon with a small note attached that said simply: "J.D. Thanks You."