Mormo Death Cycle

From Plastic Tub

In current Mormo rites, worshippers believe that a massacre or bloodbath must be undertaken every five years in order to placate their hungry god. While any blood will do, the belief is that the more innocent the victims and outrageous the sacrifices are, the better the coming cycle will be. Often this takes the form of a mother killing her own children or, even better, school shootings. What is essential to the ritual is that an innocent person is blamed. What results are the most fiendishly clever counterfeits ever handed to the public.

The victims need not be human. In one instance, the slaughter of sacred elephants was employed with great success; unlike similar sacrifices being offering through the industrialization of the slaughterhouse, such piecemeal offerings amount to little. In the United States alone, over five million animals are killed a year, the blood of which are drained into the mysterious backlot of corporatate magics. The staggering amount of wasteful death calls Mormo from the pockethood of life; it gives him flouting airs. He dares appear on Main Street, flogging burgers and assorted sundry to open-mouthed passersby -- all the while dressed to the Infinite Nines, subtracting by careful movement the remnants of the divine.

Some similarities have been noted to sacrifices alleged to occur in Molech Cults, but up to this time, no proof has been presented to verify that the sacrifices described are in fact literal or symbolic. While most scholars concur that actual sacrifices may have occurred in ancient Carthage, opinion is divided upon whether or not it continues until this day.

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