From Plastic Tub


  1. Codpiece Seminar
  2. Egg Wood
  3. Lady Platter
  4. Liver Stick


“People call me Grade A cuz my meat's high quality…” -- lyric 1, track 1, side 1

Product Details

  • Extended Play Album: 4 tracks; 2 sides; copious liner notes with photos of ham, sausage, and baked beans.
  • Material: vinyl in cardboard sleeve. 10,000 copies were pressed, 500 of which were hand-numbered and pressed on transparent ocher vinyl with burnt umber splotches.
  • Product Dimensions: 2
  • Shipping Size: 21.98 in. circumference, flat
  • Average Customer Review: *.5 based on 2 reviews


  • Rock-N-Roll Sci Fi!!! Definite ***** ++. It’s fun … like a chocolate Sunday (okay I am a girl!) I would highly recommend it :) -- Piper Pneumatic. Birmingham, AL. March 23, 3001.
  • First there’s side A. Surely, no more? But alas, side B. Nothing happens, twice. -- Humes, Barry. From Bee-bob to Hip-hop: The Influence of Anxiety.


NATO has categorically declared that no animals were rendered in the manufacturing of this album.

Some people speculate that the EP contains coded messages intended to subliminally disseminate the teachings of the Right Rev. G. Clarence Bey, alleged leader of The 5% Nation of Goom, an unconfirmed splinter group believed to have originally been the Tampa-based Chapter 27 of the Priory of Goom.