From Plastic Tub


  1. Codpiece Seminar
  2. Egg Wood
  3. Lady Platter
  4. Liver Stick


“People call me Grade A cuz my meat's high quality…” -- lyric 1, track 1, side 1

Product Details

  • Extended Play Album: 4 tracks; 2 sides; copious liner notes with photos of ham, sausage
  • Material: vinyl in cardboard sleeve
  • Product Dimensions: 2
  • Shipping Size: 21.98 in. circumference, flat
  • Average Customer Review: *.5 based on 2 reviews


  • Rock-N-Roll Sci Fi!!! Definite ***** ++. It’s fun … like a chocolate Sunday (okay I am a girl!) I would highly recommend it :) -- Piper Pneumatic. Birmingham, AL. March 23, 3001.
  • First there’s side A. Surely, no more? But alas, side B. Nothing happens, twice. -- Humes, Barry. From Bee-bob to Hip-hop: The Influence of Anxiety.


NATO has categorically declared that no animals were rendered in the manufacturing of this album.