Grignotti and the "Buggeroni" BDGDB Motive

From Plastic Tub

Though the stuff of legends, the text of Grignotti and the "Buggeroni BDGDB Motive" (Mazzistow and Periwinkle. Grignotes '99) was, sadly, lost with the arson-suspected demise of the Grignotes' headquarters. But read on -- we have provide the history of the text below -- which we trust you will find to be interesting enough.


Mazzistow Carrington and Professor Newton Periwinkle's collaborative essay established "Buggerino" as a genuine Grignottian compostion from 1789 that was alternately entitled "Buggeroni", thereby debunking the theory the opera was a fictive work first imagined and described by Dapper Clementine in ‘‘Grignotti and the "Buggeroni" BDGDB Motif’’ (1965).

Carrington and Periwinkle charged Clementine with a disinformation campaign geared towards debunking his own work in order to misguide attempts to decode messages encrypted in this and other operatic directives towards La Ligue du Masque Cancéreux.