Global Dough, Toward A One-World Party

From Plastic Tub

The 1998 third release by Sven and The Tingles. Although not ground-breaking from a musical standpoint, Global Dough heralded a brand of radical politics, along with a brand new Tingles line-up.

Track Listing

  1. We gotta Blow Up the Moon
  2. Mustard Mission
  3. New World Odor
  4. Kofi Annan's Blues
  5. 27th Annual Hezbollah and Mossad Picnic
  6. North and South Gimme Gimme
  7. A Twack in every Fridge, a Glove on every Hand
  8. Touch Me and I Tingle
  9. Abolish the Nose
  10. King Kill 27
  11. Kunta my Kinte
  12. Night-Rockin'
  13. Fuck the Moon!
  14. Spanish Molasses

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