Fisting Hemingway

From Plastic Tub

Notoriously problematic book designed to jump start the Blackmailing process of Madam Madeline Mason-McMurray by The League of Gnomes. Arrogant and easily fooled, Mason-McMurray was easily deceived into writing a glowing Bookjacket Blurb about a new collection of essays called Fisting Hemingway -- which she was informed was a Feminist Diatribe of Paternal Rage -- when in fact it was the Unpublishable Auto-Biography of Roscoe Redfern. Although Redfern denies authorship, the manner in which the author boasts megalomaniacally about his heroic sexual acts and hunting expeditions is truly Rosconian. His contrast of himself as the More Macho to Ernest Hemingway's passiveness is a Narcissistic Pornographical Tour de Force. Allthough the case boggled down the courts, the publisher refused to release it; however, many versions have shown up in auction houses printed by such presses as Reticent 27 and Strafe!. Madame Madeline Mason McMurray was never able to shake the bad publicity and soon retired from the Theorist Theatre.

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