Dreams of a False Nose

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Startling enigma by Balthazar Buehb.

Dreams of a False Nose


Dreams from a False Nose

  1. The house is made to trick the nose.
  2. The nose is rarely fooled by the house.
  3. Thus, the dream.

The house is known to say:
"That flipping nose outrageous nose
flirtacious which was where we were
which was here which was
--give me an animal
and not only it!!"
Screams disconsolate the
witness consultate:
"Bear in, bear out, the need of furniture the nation
has with her end
it will it will
it will swill her.... "

"Read the evil will of the stars. A stone -- up all night with a headlong
Jew a bone a real good
guy." --- Glazzy red toes. She had razor.
They see fat cunt raising cunts that are
"See this
inevitable line
From toe
to cunt
From nose
to ear
That fat red vein
along chin
along sprain," Doyle burst out uncontrollably shaking the damn baby. It
rises. It
always rises into hair-nape a poignant pug a
a caste tongue
chaste and
undelivered in the way of greens
It is a point of
along a griping underbelly
under a long dock with
fervent flags with pimps out of time
out of sorts
with fag
"I think my mother was a scrimp."

dolorous hebricide
t-shirt half
with abject phrase
st--shoe begging
it was a church
for a dollar off
to scrump between
which is to steal
an other's
inert self-fruit

A young catalogue gives the impression of a cowfield
these things that desolate invasion desolates....
an innopportune miasma inflating a terrible gain which results in a loss,
a recon-mission introducing dissipated association
Lone, smiling, disappeared; slow reaches fast, hunting, reaches, a
panoply....a dash presents itself as though it were a sex organ: always,
a fall

a great a jeweled thing upon the cheek my cheek
it is cheeky, spurious,
crowded disaster that clings
through a flashy exosperm
the with on the that
via the booth of hills
it is easier to zip up
is it a flinging curious tapestry
outside of which
is the flashing corpse of that that that?
is it that which is
that diseased corpse?

indigenous flora
of difference kind that sport of
tactile despondence?

And the Kidlet turned out to be the Cutlet.
And the Kidlet perspired, rattled, and fell into the flashing corpse of the Cutlet.
And the Cutlet peeled away the foam and the sparks revealed beneath,
horribly, the Kidlet.

The Cutlet The Kidlet
which perspires which puts yore
loop for a long-eared
your revolt
your desire A weekend
misfire a desire that endless
of my ear
Beauty -- an asp!
of my other
slung lugnut
a crepulant
for red bread
a fire forced fromentholated
a dapper
a hunting lope in the tootrod
you care too much
my indian baker
my inn's a bundled conundra
The spinning at first made him angry.
an icicle which burned
12 dots
upon his brow
he was disgusted
but there

Critical Appraisal

"I stabbed myself involuntarily -- that says something."

- Hello World, Practicalist.

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