Doctrine of Doing

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Doctrine authored by El Parqiz, published in 1571 as Por el Movimiento Lejos para Inacción y Pereza, Hacia el Doctrina de Hacer.

The Doctrine of Doing, sometimes refered to as the Doctrine of "Doing!" in modern parlance, consists of three suppositions intended to, in the words of the author, "provide sane counsel for the development of justification for oblique moral stances among the empty (similar usage as wu wei)."

  1. The doing of the body.
  2. The doing of the mind.
  3. The Doing!

The Doctrine is often confused with the onomatopoeic "Doing!" associated with objects which move suddenly and with some violence upon being released from a restraining force, such a duck's bill, a two-by-four slapped upwards under the chin, an erection, the bib on an old-fashined tuxedo, etc. Although primarily a sound or word represented in cartoons and animated films, "Doing!" or rather, "Doing-g-g!" remains a popular in-joke among the literati.

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