Crack Stepper

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Fancy Gloves Grades

Crack Stepper (n.) 1. One who wishes his mother harm 2. The second grade of The League of Men with Fancy Gloves. 3. rep. One who has reached the second tier of the Anahinthan priesthood and who also, inextricably, wishes harm to his mother.

Initiational Systems and the Casual Observer

The initiation rituals attributed to the second grade of the League is suspicious in its use of Masonic ceremonial movements yet it is obvious to occultic scholars that the pomp and circumstance is designed to mislead the casual observer or inquisitor. If a Greenhorn is deemed worthy after his 27 tests he is a viable candidate for the Crack Steppers. The Crack Stepper grade also consists of 27 tests each with 27 questions dealing with everything from real estate and maritime law to preparation and presentation of sushi. The foyer of the Crack Stepper grade is littered with those who cannot meet the rigourous demands.


The Crack Stepper is awarded a Single Sleeve with each test passing. There are 27 sleeves in all, one for each digit on the hands and feet as well as one for each ear and eye. The final three sleeves or Demem Trias are reserved for the nose, the mouth and the genitals. The anus is awarded an inverted sleeve when the crack stepper is initiated into the final grade of Holy Man/Woman.

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