Bumbles Thatchett

From Plastic Tub

Thatchett was the sidekick of Dutch Forkes nemesis Dr. Jules Sarkozy. A drunken Irishmen of enormous power, his capacities for food and beer were as prodigious as his ability to crack skulls. A rotund jocular fellow, he was known to chortle amiably as he snapped the neck of a debtor.

He nearly kills Forkes at the end of Stimes Addisson's Blues, but Forkes manages to escape with the clever use of a sausage roll. Thatchett makes a reappearance in Blood Red Blues, in which he is killed off by the grieving leading lady of the novel, Wilma Wiggins, heiress of Wiggins Weiner Works' founder Walter Wiggins.


Thatchett was nominated "Best All-Time Sidekick" at the "Sleuthies" in 2002, but was beaten out by Willy Wick from Darby Shanklewood's To Die for Nothin' (1947).