Bugger My Frustrations

From Plastic Tub

A daring experiment in classical ballet, Cappy Trowbridge's Bugger My Frustrations featured an all-amputee cast, each shambling player more truncated than the last. Introduced by generating random integers related to the number of remaining limbs, the dancers would appear on stage through a series of trapdoors and gunnysacks.

"Once upon the stage a chaosium ensued, the players shuffling about in molendinaceous gyration, all the more befuddling due to a glaring lack of extremity, lacking even in the dangling bits, fingers and splay-like shuffle sniggerings, the assumption being it all rattled in a lively fashion backstage -- The place in murderous ruin, where hobbly mounted stars were born, sifting breathlessly through a life . . . and exploded. Reviews called blatantly for a murder of the author, recontuers whipped madling from the tinkling buttress of a collapsing chandelier, tumblers of brandy stood fast to the wind -- bubbling mad fluid arm-holes, flashing dark mounted chimp like creatures, by anaolog reaching unplotted heights, each upon each other, like throats!"

The soundtrack was perhaps the most audacious element -- as much as it could be distinguished behind the deafening roar of cannons mounted in the orchestra pit.

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