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bee b. 1. A totem animal of the AA, notable for their dances and springing jigs. 2. A symbol of Napoleon and Mazzistow Carrington. 3. The second letter of the alphabet.


Krystine Monitzer, Associationalist dollmaker, has a hive in her heart, and the stirring buzzes in her ears and stings her tongue. Send butter; the baby is warm.

Napoleon thought the bee was a symbol of the Merovingian kings, but he was mistaken. The animal in question turned out to be an extinct species of of a winged dwarf otter. Folklorist Jeanne-Marie Sicre made this discovery, later verified through fieldwork by the French Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS), after a careful exegesis of Elysius Dubord's only book written in French, Les mérovingiens et la loutre secrète, une lignée royale dévoilée.

"To bee or not to bee, in which case we wasp it." William Flintrock to Wilhemina Forkes, 1962, using AA slang ("wasp it") for "take the Vespa" (as opposed to say, the bus, or their fluorescent orange braouche).

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Steven Adkins began learning beekeeping in the Summer of 2013. He admitted he became interested because the fancy getup made him resemble a veiled Secret Chief. That and his ill-concealed and thus well-known honey fetish.