Associationalist Drum and Fife Band

From Plastic Tub

Founded in 1999 by Krystine Monitzer and managed by her ever since, the band is comprised of three members: a snare drummer, a fife player and a combination "beat-box" and flag bearer. First intended as a simple parody of the "Spirit of '76" painting, it has evolved into one of the most highly-respected drum and fife bands on the planet. They have performed in Tampa, New York, London, Tokyo and in many Belfast parades.

Their flag is usually the pancake banner devised by Stimes Addisson in 1960, but on special occasions this is replaced with a red flag bearing the "crossed-spoons" device surmounted by the words "Don't Pike on Me." The meaning of these words is unclear.

Controversy erupted in Spring 2004 when the band "egged" the Cleo James Thurstunwell High School Marching Band at their own homecoming parade. Monitzer is still awaiting trial.