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  • Hey there....gonna be going to work stuff, eh? What about those triskelion images? Are they too poor in quality?
No, I think they just about nailed it short of a good photo of an architectural detail
  • The short-lived snack-cake line, Ding-Dings, were marketed unsuccessfully by a cult group dedicated to the scientific manufacture of a Choco-like creature.

Ohhohohooooo. LOFL! Priceless.

  • Coolio on the Main Page! What are your thoughts on the big howdy doody section? What about an excerpt from a "featured page of the month," ie
Table of contents

Gnome Scouts

(quote quote, etc)

Or, alternately, some colorful "images from the archives"

Or, even better perhaps, a kind of "this month in AA history" section

Hey there. Whaddaya think of the new category? Too general? Anyway, I made a lot of little additions and format work but no new major text....

Coolness, I'm supposed to hook up with Democrats abroad but they always hold their deals out of town.

I dunno about them Lords. I actually added more story but then ditched it. I think's just a random sack of burlap waiting to be filled, once the proper content is found among the rubble. Go ahead and change it fundamentally. At this point I don't know if they're clampers or somehow more than meets the eye, like Buehb. At first BB was just pain in the ass, but now it appears he was in collusion, a secret ally in the guise of a poob. I'm not sure if the Lords fall into that category or not. Last night I had them infiltrating the Gnomes, filling their head with Skillet-Prop. But I ditched it.

Anyway, next category? Publications, I guess; should it include books as well? More like a "works" section?

I gotta split, now, just checking in....going to the market, etc. See ya on the Tub this evening....

some thoughts

  1. I'd like to see a page or section which would be a quick link point to all multimedia: sounds, flash movies, perhaps even images.
  2. How can we generate some buzz and get reviews of the site, publicity?

a thought on publicity: it'd take a lot of work, but i'll bet a cool art exhibit could be cobbled together. it could take on a few forms: a retrospective look at the early days of accidental associationalism - or a look at more current aa works - or whatever else. the soap factory (, for example, would be a good place to try to submit an exhibit with film, painting, web-access, written works, etc. it's too late for general submissions for their 2005 showings, but they are still taking video.

other thoughts: just brainstorming, but who the f reviews web sites? i mean there's book and movie reviews all over the place. are there national web site reviewers i don't know about? hell, everybody loves blogs these days, maybe some blogger can post a link? maybe we could pepper wikipedia with links?


I dunno....I was just cleaning up a typo and slapped that on. hehe.

table codes

I was trying to do this with suarez and the white border around the photo was fucked up....Trying to master this so excuse the new entries without. Is there a way to input the info without typing it all in by hand?


Having trouble with the main page....

Tub Rocker

Shit, bro, you've been at it!

So, I added Brenda Nichols and Dave Payne to the users list because they both contacted me very recently. First Payne entries are in fact mine, let's see what happens....

Gnostic Materialism

Gnostic Materialism This page has no material, thot u should take acrack at it, came across it from allpages....might be a few more empty pages...New World Odor for example, haven't yeat gotten to it....very cool to see you back in force, and sven and dave....I need this input to be good...very fun so far tonite with the stuff i added....loving the new avenues...gotta keep this going....


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