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From Plastic Tub

greetings mang

The carpet has been pulled out from beneath me feet      wow

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Tim coins term

I too was titor'd earlier. Stabilty still maintained after few deep breaths.

Say it Ain't So!

Ooh boy, i'm just having too much fun.


and i'm here to tell you Yo!

Thats the sign I 'm looking for

may you run long and hard. Adkins may be just a few hours away...

2 questions

How do I get that re-direct to work?

Can we delete pages?


ill try it when i need it!


been pretty busy this weekend, and gathering steam for a new round of wiki...things are shaping up, no?


i'm gonna trawl the tub for a while and check back take the high road.....


I haven't quite tackled that in full yet, still pecking away here and there...there's still so much to do!

Getting the texts up is a bit "less easy" so I've taken the path of least resistance, cruising links....

how do I get those lil aa pics up here?

hey there

not feeling so hot tonite, but pluggin away bit by bit, a bit defoncĂ©, as they say, meaning ripped, of course. :)

ill give it a shot

gonna add a bit more then crash. will try that tampa poem at some point...


it seemed so appropriate at the time :)


no picture of the tub i'm afraid...but i can take one in tampa! any word on that? can you make it? anyway, how about putting up any old photo for now. even tub temp would look better if it said "plastic tub." as for style sheets, etc., don't change the colors or format too much, I really like this scheme for the most part.

on that note, overall, this is working great and you've done a really good job getting it together. i gotta say again how fun this all is.


that would work; the vapslav scheme is cool. i don't think the font's so bad but the spacing is maybe a bit scrunched.

anyway, where's krystine dammit?


well, that's no good, i hope she comes round with some of that rambunction. we'll have to chastise her on the 27th. Are you gonna stay at my mom's place? we could all camp at my sister's for the weekend; i'd like to see coyle and maybe statham and kempton...wouldn't that be odd? in any event it'll be cool. I'll bring my suit.

  • Wow! I haven't yet turned anyone on to its power....I'm a bit anxious about it thought the originality and quality is good. it's almost a madman's task yet at the same time so very sane, if a bit prone to cause obsession.

whew, i gotta take a break....happy hunting. drop me the details of yr flight etc. i'm gonna cruise the tub but i think writing is over for tonite.

  • hey man, up late again? I better not get too involved this morning or I'll be at it all day! I've had a few outright belly laughs over some recent postings....too much.
  • did I do that (conflate open with unopened head)? I think I'm gonna deconflate them....
  • i'll start doing that, never know when those amputated bits might come in handy

a dream realized

"....he awoke to find himself transformed into a negro. At last, he cried, I will be ligitimized...."

  • i had a dream about it this morning. We were all lounging around my mom's place and i was anxious because we were all smoking cigarettes and I had to open the window. har. Cigarette anxiety aside, yeah, i'm really looking forward to seeing you guys. At some point I'm gonna get everyone together at my mom's place to grill up some steaks etc. Anyway, a big meal around the table all beered up. An improptu aa conference, mad word on the lving room floor.

Allez, I gotta run, go eat and then off for a bicycle ride with the family!