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she prolly thinks i'm mad. i dunno, she's asleep but i've been at this too long, fading fast....

Sup. kickin it but running out of steam been drinkin a few yknow and you ? Ya like the new stuff? no sign of Adkins or Kristine Yet.

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shit man, gotta run, keep up the's got a sudden fever and i'm beat...over

mighty fine job you

I hope the tyke feels better.


Just rolled in from work and tho beat, I'm gonna whack on this monster. Played Doom3 all day at work today, howzat for a keen uni-slack?

Shoulda played that bitch to the overtime.

Look closely, PlasticTub has been on fullsteam for more than 24 hours now... You left yesterday and li kept going tillshortly after Adkins came aboard, who was still working when I awoke this morning, and I ve been kicking it since about 2 this afternoon. Seems like Krystine has enough time to fill in the gaps what with her whatever lifestyle..


Hey man I'm heading out, gotta go to work etc. Just wanted to say welcome back and that the stuff you've been adding today has had me laughing out lout for the last hour. Kudos, man, funny stuff!