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Items thus far left out of the glossary, because they should go elsewhere:

  • Absinthe -- Does someone want to flesh this out in some way? Otherwise, I don't see how it brings much to the table, AA wise. Perhaps some anecdotes, or some riffing will do. Otherwise, I say ablation for this entry.
Other than having a fondness for the stuff it doesn't really add to the aa overall. Why not cut the fucker out and leave it in the wiki....steven
Agreed. This'll be an introductory essay so no sense in repeating it....steven
  • Alpha Chimp -- Shouldn't this be a main entry, and not glossary?
I see it as a glossary entry except for definition 3. Def 3 could be extracted and the "discography" section turned into a main entry...steven
  • Art Doll -- This begs the question, what do we do with personages? I say roll them in with the main entries and don't separate them.
Absolutely! I say: "No people in the Glossary!" - drp
I concur. Personages shouldn't be in the glossary. I think they should be main entries and that for the sake of not getting into too many sections, shouldn't be set apart as the glossary will...steven
I think that BAM and the Bought Art Movement should be left out because they are too peripheral to the AA -- Payne 19:00, 24 Feb 2008 (EST)
I think that BAM and the Bought Art Movement should be left out because they are too peripheral to the AA -- Payne 19:00, 24 Feb 2008 (EST)
People don't belong in the glossary, right? -- Payne 19:00, 24 Feb 2008 (EST)

Mortification Mortification jkn. 1. The punishment of the flesh for not being spirit. See Also Great quantity Sin Wrestle

Neologism neologism n. 1. The veneration of insanity. 2. A reversal of the language of the dead towards more acceptable means of expression.

Noble The upper echelons baby, with the 9:1 power ratio. Also the top grade of The League of Gnomes.

Nobles have historically struck pompous poses, but are now just as likely to be found living in cheap hotels.

See Also

  • The Population

Ornithologist ornithologist. n. 1. A person dedicated to the scientific study of birds. 2. In AA parlance, a fastidious person. 3. A lover of Jazz great Charlie Parker. 4. A child molester.


Jorge Suarez: "Hoy no tengo ganas, y ornitólogos tampoco."

Pablum et al... "Pablum et all...(ibid) etc...is so much pablum and whatall." -- Recursive mandate 23

"If I wanted Pablum I would return home" -- Emancipated feral child (popular Character from economic-school dorm room poster, German School of Re-Design, Costa Rica Spring '48

Pamphlets and pantomine And Then, and then them Pamphlets come panicking, pushing people aside. That's the problem with words, don't let'em gang up on ya.

-- Unknown Anglo-Saxon tinkerer upset with the way things are (olden days)

"Of all the tears, the pamphlet sort moved slowly through the sreets, slowly through the streets of Old Devonshire.

-- from the Hungarian Folksong "hergekommene kleine Ziege" (come here little goat)

"Pantomine sanitizes then canonizes the oppressed gestures deep whitin our dark souls; she is the wicked step-sister of the primal grunt, the paleo-howl."

-- Adam Cistern's life manual "Omni-Mancy" pb. 1946.

Pants, trousers, pantaloons "I never knew a man who could use rough twine for a belt so eloquently."

"Even when running around the convention in '68 nude from the waist down, he managed to impress us all with the quality of his pants."

"My favorite was the kilt he had with two extraneous pantlegs which flopped about as if he were a double amputee. When I asked him, however, to explain, he just punched me in the nose and began to piss on his shoes, whistling Dixie. It was then that I finally understood what he meant when, years before, he'd called me a "delicate spoon."

"And all that time I thought he was a Mexican!"

-- Balthazar Buehb, with Larry King in 1989.

"Whether in shrubbery or piled w/ankles, smart pants can change the world."

-- back of empty bourbon bottle, 1982

"Smart pants technology is going to change everything."

-- Anonymous game developer, 2004 Electronics Expo, Los Angeles

"'Twas as if we were flying by the seat of our pants" Miss Lana Hussy -Nazi Air Command and the Female Bodygaurd-....

-- Dimestore Pulp found in brown bag behind dumpster June 19, 1944

"And they shall be called Pantaloons in the House of thy Lord!"

-- Cleo James Thurstunwell, Corner of 19th and Clairmont c.e.

"Acrid finger-wartful-orifical thrust,soiled pants knot your neck."

-- excerpt from The Dangerous Contest, short poem of sorts from the Associationalist archiv

Prototypes and pyromancy "Prototypes think they're so fancy."

-- Disgruntled Crash Dummy from the short film "Realism and Matter-the cavity and the column."

"...and it will Flicker like a gargantuan diamond above a benign inferno."

-- translation from Natherianistic Scroll ca. 550 b.c.e. First possible description of divination by fire. Adopted as the AA definition of God for five minute sometimes in 1950.

Pupae thru pupil "Nothing embodies psychic determinism like the pupae, save onanism."

-- Madam Madeline Mason-McMurray's "Honeybees Citadel- Dance as Destruction" 1908

"-and from The Mouth flowed many winged creatures, his wounds manifest potent pupae and to touch the larvae is to touch the single mind."

-- Verse IXX Book VIII of the Normandihadapita book of Poems 2020 b.c.e.

"When the pupil becomes the tormentor there you will find transcendent lunacy."

-- Carnival Proverb 19th-Century Prague

Pwatomic dance customs "Pwatatomic Dance customs are in their very nature a turn-on for most Anthropology students."

--Dr. Peter Von Fondle (Paleo-innerchild-Psychologist Author and Playwright)

"More fun than fire-settin' and stuff."

--Anthropology student

Quantum Ethics Forthcoming

Dr. Martin Savage Pickles

Dr. Peter Von Fondle

Socio-economic mode predicators

San Francisco Vagrant

Rock and roll Phenomenon. Coming from Belgrade, these earnest youths rocked the house from right to left with worryless abandon.

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  • Imp

The Population Basically, everybody that can yell, individually or collectively, above the crowd. The rest matter only when polled.

The Population has four parts:





Honeybees, the Cups, represent histrionic theatricality, knee-jerk reaction and hard-nosed business sense. Victimization is the prosthetic limb.

Poobs represent the bourgeois but the diverse blob which is amorphous, dividing, heavy beyond its size. These are the Wands. But these wands are dead wood.

Greasers are the Swords, striving, nicknaming, naturally anti-authoritarian. Dacusse, Flintrock....

Nobles are represented by discs of gold and are lucky, unquestioned, and fantastically pantalooned, if only physically. They tend to erect a jewel-encrusted onyx in the foyer.

The Simulacrumists The Simulacrumists (alias The Copiests, The Vanillists and sometimes the Denaturists) were a collective of ad-men, writers and publishing houses funded by heavy-handed capitalists intent on smashing counter-ideologies in the name of deregulation and free markets. The artisans were instructed to amass a campaign of mediocrity and to ensure group-think through the dilution of opposing ideals. The Copiests, as they were commonly called, were the extension of the movement that worked exclusively in the art world, attacking newer art forms like the ready made, minimalism and the more fringe elements of the conceptual world. The idea was to copy and appropriate style and ideas from up-and-coming movements and quickly release tainted versions into the public consciousness via the mass media. [edit]Extrapolation Whitewash

The movement began in Paris in 1912 as a Utopian formula with a cockeyed ideology: the belief in higher achievement through homogeneous assimilation of everything from language and attitude to art and architecture. These ideals soon found favor with certain radical publishing groups who would spread the ideology until the First World War caused the movement to fracture and regroup in the United States.

Gray Matter

Although forgers have long operated in the art world, the methods employed by the Copiests were not as focused on the actual replication of the artworks as much as hijacking the essence of the idea. The movement began with as a covert attempt to bring their message of World War One "Dada ideals" to the States by way of the movement's main magazine Le Mal Jumellent and its controversial editor Heinrich Erickson. At the height of the movement, members scoured the nation lifting ideas from such exotic places as rural flea markets, children's art shows and the senior citizens watercolor circuit.

Sunny side down

The Simulacrumist goal was twofold: one was to obtain art in its many common and lowly forms as to ensure the direct dissemination of Poob Culture. The second aim was to spread disinformation and prejudice through plagiarism and slander.

Many of the eastern European members eventually found themselves stateside working their evil magic on Madison avenue, influencing the entertainment and publishing industries.

Freedom Fries

The movement was essentially anti-modern and sought to derail any new philosophies that may have led society to a better understanding of the power structures under which they find themselves constantly struggling. Malcom Aaronson of Media This explains:

Many of the ideals of the movement were incorrectly associated with Nazi Germany because of their shared distaste for modern and outsider art styles such as Art Brute, cubism, and abstract expressionism. Whereas the Nazi movement regarded these art forms as degenerate, the Copiest concerns were mainly that they would be mainstream enough to catch the lazy eye of 20th century America and keep him in his consumer slumber. The real reasons behind the counterfeit ring was not to make money but to stifle and poison societies acceptance of the creative arts. Their goal was to emasculate any progressive movements which may have influenced the general public by co-opting lower art forms and producing them on such a mass scale so as to confuse and corrupt the markets, and supplant the high with the low, the Canon with the Kitsch.

It is a commonly-known fact that most sympathizers of the movement work in Hollywood, primarily in the sit-com sector. Their masterworks include the painting of the old ship captain, the painting of the dead tree with yellow sky and most famously the painting of dogs playing poker.

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