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From Plastic Tub

--Adkins 14:03, 18 Aug 2006 (EDT)Dave, I'm not sure this and the Dewey Rose images are up to snuff. Can they be re-done so as not to be so pixelated? The images themselves are okay, but the pixelated thing is a bit of a no-go imo. not to step on toes.  :)

-- Payne 22:29, 26 Aug 2006 (EDT) Howdy, Adkins. I've been outta town for the last week or so. Anyhow, yeah, I see what you mean. The images as saved on my computer are poor quality. When I have time I'll go back to the originals & see if I can grab a better copy for the Tub.

--Undule 16:07, 28 Aug 2006 (EDT) Hey fellers, I can fix those images up, make some new ones based the existing perhaps. I have some . . . free time on my hands.