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From Plastic Tub

-- Payne 08:51, 12 Sep 2005 (EDT) I've set it up so that we can create monthly listings for "From the Depths of the Tub". I dropped in a link on the Main Page that points to the current month's listing. If you want to see and edit the listings for other months, go here: Template:Depths. Likewise, to see and edit the listings for the monthly Calendar Leads, go here: Template:AACalendar.

I like the idea of bringing order to the front page, of course, but I wonder if an introductory essay would be in order -- along with a news section, new articles, and a kind of alphabetical index?

--Undule 00:40, 13 Sep 2005 (EDT) Wow, Dave, very nicely done. Once again you prove yourself a Prince among Tubsters. That rockin' useful shit you made here. As for bringing Order to the page, I have some ideas on the subject, but I've been neglectful. Why don't you whip up a picture of the day template? 8D

-- Payne 01:37, 13 Sep 2005 (EDT) Well, here's a pic of the week... Throws things a bit off kilter, but it does look more like the interior pages...

-- Payne 01:40, 13 Sep 2005 (EDT) Forgot to say: please go here to create some more pictures of the week (note that this is week 37): Template:Picture.

-- Payne 02:14, 13 Sep 2005 (EDT) There's some sort of trouble with links that are embedded in the caption of the Picture of the Week. At least my pants aren't on fire. I'll work on a solution to the linking issue later. Meanwhile, hop onto Template:Picture and choose some hot pics.

-- --Adkins 04:14, 13 Sep 2005 (EDT) I'm glad you're doing this, Dave. Good stuff. On an unrelated note, I added Plastic Tub here (, but had less success with other lists of wikis due to password requirements, etc. If we want, we can write up an actual Wikipedia entry describing the project from the link on this page, but I just wanted to be on the list. Judging from the lists I've seen, the Tub is the only Wiki which is in an of itself a work of art, all others being info sharing spots or dedicated to specific topics such as the occult or life in Portland.