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1. A plastic, open and/or lidded, flat-bottomed vessel, usually round and typically wider than it is deep, used for washing, packing, or storing. 2. An encyclopedic internet resource dedicated to documenting the history and development of Accidental Associationalism and its various Desiderata.


After years of toting his works about in a rotten burlap sack, Stimes Addisson went one day in the late 1990's to his local hardware store and picked himself out a vast, green plastic tub in which to place his most revered papers. Waterproof and sturdy, the resilient container was guarded like a horde of gold, which in one sense it was; the tub was sold at auction--empty--to an anonymous buyer in 2005. The selling price, though undisclosed, is rumored to have been upwards of $25,000 USD.

In May, 2006, a message written by someone claiming to be the buyer was received by this website; the email promised that a photo of the "jolly relic" would be provided sometime in the year 2007. The cryptic email did not explain why a photo would have to wait so long, but upon this point the missive was most adamantly--almost angrily--clear. Our perplexed reply came back as a heart-wrenching "delivery failure."

This website, of course, takes its name from that green plastic tub, photo or no photo, an obvious name for this repository of lore and documents collected over time, presented to the public lid half-open, a glimpse from within of a colorful glossy paper showing a hint of boob inviting a closer, albeit discrete peek.


Montague has stated that this "ludicrous hoax is obviously the set-up for some kind of bamboozle. Everyone knows Addisson kept his cherished archives in a tattered red suitcase."

Many agree, although no one can recall having actually seen the red suitcase in question; it goes without saying no photos exist. For others, however, the existence of The Holy Order of The Boxcutter proves that Stimes' case was, indeed, cardboard. These people are generally held by academicians to be dingbat. Montague: "To say these cardboard box proponents are fringe is giving them too much. They're off the garment!"

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Ryan O'Donnely's dismembered corpse was found placed in a plastic tub.