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Born 1972 in San Bilbo, California. He flies in on an abandoned wig singing a Yiddish duet with a cracked piece of terra-cotta. He is an engine of fire bound up deep in an antedeluvian bundle, twice. He receives a Christmas ham dressed in camouflage.

Maccabee attended San Narciso State College where he majored in Journalism with a minor in Middle Eastern affairs. After toying with the idea of graduate school, he decided to leap straight into action as a stringer for a series of small-town newspapers. His first job ended badly when his satirical editorial about a local Presbyterian minister's bike-burning scheme caused a scandal which nearly got him lynched. Similar incidents at two more papers caused him to give up the game for a year and he spent most of 1995 on a Kibbutz. Dismayed by what he saw in Israel, Maccabee decided to return to the States to live with his aunt, Wilhemina Forkes. Through her he was introduced to the AA crowd who were frequent visitors and correspondants.

A witty hand with a pen, Maccabee impressed Tim Wilson so much with his insightful essays on Xevious that he was asked by Wilson to become a permanent member of the staff of Strafe! in 2000. Also that year he began helping Televy Gide publish the Accidental Bugle.

Although addicted to sniffing sterno for the past two years, Maccabee continues to produce an impressive body of journalism, including a recently-published (May, 2004) wry documentary on gay cowboys for a mainstream news organ entitled "Men in Chaps."


Maccabee couldn't suffer the children, and would often anxiously demonstrate.

A peerless gambler, Maccabee was fearsome with the dice.