Ducasse: Splendid Was The Fight, Not The One Before Breakfast, The Other One

From Plastic Tub

Collection of love letters and random sundries of infatuation related to Alexandre Dacusse as compiled by renowed photographer Wilhemina Forkes. Consists mostly of anonymous works found stapled to the front door of the apartment Wilhemena shared with Mazzistow Carrington (New York City 1960.). The collection was rather large before it disappeared (ironically enough) after a truly inebriating conference on the Poob Bargain. Excerpted below is a small section from Wilhemena's epic poem Mouth Full OF Universe

like mason jars of angry glances

not unlike the Uncle Cappy's advances

one was remaindered for suggestive dances

across the chapel floor

The sour that burns dries bright yellow

unfortunate fellows thier cellos in thrust

banter beyond the landing where Alex is standing.

"Your breaches be covered in crust"

-petit maddened he, Alex is beyond the whore- the landing where,

randy and early he mances some trust.

in conflict, with purpose, with mighty gust bellows 

his Bassoon  but comes in to soon

and the cleaning hags scatter up flumes-in digust

(But Alexander Ducasse heard [[fumes]] in disgust.)

He holds out his hands-supine Aqua-Velva

Close shave stigma  

his eyes spiraled  amid constellations

of tissue paper pinkened with blood.

A palsied palmist is there to record-

Dios umbre nanomantooth

The Honeybees