Black Irishman

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Black Irish n. 1. An inhabitant of Albion or it's environs prior to it's invasion by the Celts; a Pict. 2. A western man posessing either black hair or brown eyes, meaning that his forebears slept with slavegirls or possibly with the infidel Moors -- quite likely with donkeys or pigs. 3. A shittier sort of bloke, capable of all things shitty. 4. An evil Irishman.


"I can tin a scar, peanod over the unctual -- but I can't wink at a black Irishman." - William Faulkner, from My Oreoscopic Vitupe (1948).

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Black Irish who came the U.S. have been mistaken for Catholics and ne'er do wells -- though this assumption has only made them richer! Quite the king is he whose race is golden.