Bending Denim

From Plastic Tub

Sporadically related to P-Boy and Tim Wilson through the medium of strong spirits, Bending Denim displays a playful mangling of words, or, as Steven Adkins described it, "the poetry of dangling legs."

Table of contents


my leg has sprung a leak
"I need jiegermeister"
yahoos yell mohawk
and cripples navigate wood

kevin's cubist vision
cites a beard
bulging loin is shaven
she is weeping floss
a string from her eye is red

and yields a bringing shot
frued slipping on a tongue a baby's rattle
a toy-blot manifesto
serious pay for my half

I got it I got it
I got what

kick start action
wires on the street can you give me
get away from his drink
my biggest one of my
VCR's humming blown breezes

laugh out the throat of warm water
a nondescript ass scratch
he's like five hundred bucks
maybe 50
bubbles burst a stomach of fourse ---(amy joe you little bitch)

she is offering you
carved tattoos of an empty wallet
	a man picks water for a shirt
	destroys mimesis by wit
	of a mouth probing innards
I read lips, too

must listen I still have a sense
of smell of wishbones turkeywings
in shaping looks
where is the knife
where is the slutwhore gentry
	I am ablazin
	bad something you know me

crap out a person stilted
trees of a sky a dumb groping
I want it to state fair ladies
	have attention
	gentle man the ball man
	raise 500 fingers to air
one young man runs a wallow in a mush pot
all day

ok all right
two poeple go ahead for pleasure
disabled bodies
a category
flirting reckless nymph chats
you are responsible
a pizza in winter

sign your name in the able
bodies category
any crumbling shacks slope
with anger with fury beer
and more
fury sign up line up sigh up
in out of her
uterus plums her uterus boston
dumping tea on
the british what
just the british
are you ready no. 1
duck for a buck

heavy seeds are weighting the grown
have attention getup
meat hooks claw flesh
the recipient of science
and industry claims a mottled
strapped shitted calls to him

no that's a moray of movement
read the weeds of handicap navigation
city blocks a jewelery cleaner
64 is my number of better go
slumming in motion is second
that is the base of choice

ok more later, have to go work, tim

that's it thank alot of toes
friendly dogs for a buck
holder no.7 spits out urine
I am standing in
winter clothes clad my soul
I'd like a check of reason
with spoons flinging  towards
the hungry
brocoli-food squids that swim
radished burn in winter 
is better

taken care of
I am informed
signed up
the first people under the chair
hold out arms
in rage
squash my enemies by speaking out
hyperbole waiting for what are you
now not nervous
a fig
a log
and a watermelon
sink by wagers into the the thrust
pulse of an artery rapture
burst into jigsaws
into a vacuum
outside of her glasses
	she spies daylight

that rich wonder
pondering drops all thought

an animal in shorts
prattles a feezy to show
pay attention
do not worry about falling
go up over
take a sleight left
remove your hand
from my face
insink your belly
holy water you can find in stores
buy her some food
by a woman

vieny crumbles brown and heave
women nigger
women mother inculpates
sinks and hams cooked by
mexican sweat
makin a move
hang in the bar a figure 8
a poke
he's doing good

Let me get a pitcher
and we will begin one
of fur fire
hats a beginner

in florida joshua is bad
	but elijah is buddy all in there
who is a sugarbear
see past the hand give kids a hand
ablebodied tan first up none other
	a head shaven
	actually they do
	you know the rules seen the course retire
	the no no
	no no no
ok a race is slaughter
a last minute

i left a quarter on the toilet
i roped trouble
(boy we will catch you ok)
ok I guess so ready set go
wheelies out of the gate rattling
get behind here in fact
we're whipping the can-do-it-problem


1.4 secs.

more pukin' hey
that's a leaving hell of handing it out

who is next?
squirm a beer ear who is up?
dean of helmets

dicks not here many know a 2.00$ meal ticket
ok as many you
may have seen
	1st time lady races
	without a word lopped
	in a head ready to go
crystal's sculpture of glass
need is going for it
checking her hair is picking flies
the momma of matchboxes
has an 18-wheel gurney

this is why
he lost his soul in the river
arms chump stomach
wretchedness of vomit
ok a guy is next he
was a big man in town
until tearing women onetwothree
off his flung sweat a head
of excruciating
what she will
that makes my bladder
chariots bust up
broken houses already to pour cement
	in holes
	by the water of a skewed
		enviro-ment attempt to beat
a sling of arrows pierce the door
		hands slop up wetslick
vaginal game-so-of-it
look at it one wheel rollin'
ok he's ok
he's grumbling out glory
computer plugs driven by amphetamine mice
drill out wholes
in her body wrapped red wrappted with rapture
so what
her ankle murmurs passions unknown
to lost letters
tubes lunch on shells
	second place
	wearing amped up power chords
attached to a groin
	delayed spring
	a bed lost in space
	that's a tree
		and fuck
		and waits but wait!

three rocks dump your head
wallow grovel street at night thinking vacuums
spots and a blistered thight begs a broken hand

we have cruel stuff
we have no knowledge of what we do
no knowledge
	like that space-meeting-smitty
	he hangs like-understand-a-lot
		a week of orlando
	streets bump into someone else
for why make speaking for myself
	living here mentioned or else
		bearded vitupe make closure
	paranoia is not sure
just say your deal scared knuckle visits
	springfield is not actual
	only after all is done
anamorphic victims a verbal foot
done now transmitted to a child's brain
	shooting bull is it good

Critical Appraisal

"Reads like a bunch of drunks wrote it --which as it turns out, was very much the case." Elbert Knowles, editor, The Caged Alaskan.