Adam Cistern

From Plastic Tub

American. 1920-1970. Unfortunately, he can't make it on account of that whole retro-viral thing. Which is a shame because we just got him this fabulous pony.

Stimso Adid's young classmate who was highly influenced by Stimso's approach to the local girls. Stimso has no recollection of Adam Cistern or much of Grade school according to interviews conducted by those who where close to Adam before he died alone in 1970 from 'consumption' -- later diagnosed as complications resulting from AIDS. His Life Manual (leisurely written one lazy summer while working at his family owned Golf Driving Range) was a pathetic rip-off of Adid's The Finger Figure an Algebra Comic from Sophmore Calculus. Adam Cistern's Life Manual (the Omni-Mancy was added later) was eventually published post-humonously by his loved ones and has become highley sought after because of its unusual pedigree. Cistern's story is currently in pre-production according to ruthlessly exploitive Independent Production Company Beta Chimp.

Known Works

Life Manual & Omni-Mancy

The Fecal Egg, a farce in verse


Cistern invented and enjoyed moderate success selling "press-on" supernumerary nipples from the trunk of his car.