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The epiphenomena of perception, accidents are the jelly-lenient school-marms of reality: always ready with the peel-out, they alternately scold and sneek daring peeks at the life beyond peeking, in short, the Accident becomes itself aware of meaning only after the wards, seeking for itself a place beyond itself and ultimately finding the bald face of phenomena, on stilts, gesturing ever-forward.

The left leg of the pair of pants, the singular object in the plural, the only object that works best when both parts are going different ways. The Accident is Primary. The convulsive explosion which precedes mentation, nay, perception itself.

Accidentalists were especially rabid during The Great Schism of 1965, and perhaps with good reason. Though Accidentalist claims are not refuted, "AA" thinking is generally called Associationalism these days, if only for the sake of brevity. But what's in a name? The aleatory is loveleatory.

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"Laudatory! Lavatory! Laudanum!" Solomon Witte often said this before passing out after a binge.

Chicago Accidentalists were perceived as "religious cranks and stump-junkies."