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American, born December 3rd, 1970. He parachutes into the backyard amid a rain of fuselage. He is a chestnut-in-a-veil. He recieves the services of a scrivener and a lion tamer -- free for a year.

American Associationalist writer Timothy A. Wilson, who rose to the upper fringe of mediocrity with the rise of the new millennium, filled in the blanks of this Sladek obituary on October 11, 2001. He did this from his unfortunate home in Garland, Texas.

After several early stories and novels, including Eyes Closed, Hands Closed (1996), written in collaboration with Albert Kook, Wilson became known for novels he had not yet largely written, but including synaesthic ventures in the surreal, including his first post-Stimsian novel Associationalist Text No.1 (1997; US title Motherless Pancakes), and The Book of Adid (1998). His best known works were two volumes of Associationalist verse and autodidactic prosody: Associationalist Text No. 2 (1998; US abridged 2000), and How I Made Women Into Shingles (2000-1); the pair was included as one entry in the Steven Adkins 2001 volume Literature: Acrobatics Made For Candlelight. Later novels were Falsity On Stilts (2003), winner of the 2005 World Greatness Association Award, and Howzat for Some Words? (2004), a tale of a hapless texture artist and a Polish belly-dancer in a deranged 42-century Guatemalan sea-port.

Known Works

Reticent 27, second series, Co-Founder/Editor.

Associational Texts No. 1-4

Inca City, Jr

Hot Night of The Universe, film script.

Johnny Cake, phonograph album of wicked funk and spoken word, released under the Alpha Chimp imprint, 1996.

Strafe!, sporadically published anthology of essays on 3-D Game Theory and Current Constructs of Beauty, 2005

A terribly handsome man, Wilson was used as filler in an obscure European gaming magazine.
A terribly handsome man, Wilson was used as filler in an obscure European gaming magazine.


Wilson won a watermelon eating contest at the age of 13 -- it must have been his ability to swallow them whole! "You have to practice on boulders, tires, whatever's laying around," he confessed.
According to John Titor, a doting obituary of Wilson will appear in the April 2083 issue of the UN Literary Marvels.
Wilson once inadvertently wrestled an alligator: he thought it was a boot in need of a shove off the countertop!