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These endnotes are indicated by superscript numbers in the text that serve as links to a Notes section on the bottom of the page. The Notes section also contains links back to the notated portion of the text.

How To

1. Indicate a notation by placing a superscript number in your text:

  • First note: {{an|1}} (i.e., Annotated Note 1)
  • Second note: {{an|2}} (i.e., Annotated Note 2)
  • Etc.

2. Create a Notes section at the bottom of the page:

  • First note: {{anb|1}} (i.e., Annotated Note Back 1) and then type your first note.
  • Second note: {{anb|2}} (i.e., Annotated Note Back 2) and then type your second note.
Notes are displayed in 90% font by placing the code <font style="font-size: 90%"> before the first note.
Be sure to end the miniaturized font by placing the code </font> after the first note.


Code Display

God is God,{{an|1}} muttered the muzzle loader{{an|2}} while milking the pigs.{{an|3}}

== Notes ==

<font style="font-size: 90%;">
{{anb|3}}I hope that I don't have to interpret this remark for you.

God is God,1  muttered the muzzle loader2  while milking the pigs.3 


Note 1:  Check.

Note 2:  Slang.

Note 3:  I hope that I don't have to interpret this remark for you.