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<tr><td width="*" align="left" valign="top">'''pig''' ''n.'' '''1.''' Intelligent and succulent omnivore; domesticated swine. '''2.''' Yo mama.

== Usage ==

"Eat-in? More like a fucking facist ''pig''-out." –- an angry [[Addisson]], clocking her majesty, 1955.

"What you talkin' 'bout, Wilbur?" -- Charlotte, while spinning her web.

== Extrapolation ==

Common usage stems from ditties and treats. A ''pig skin'',{{an|1}} for example, is tasty.

The [[AA]] totem pig was famously [[ape]]d by ''Lord of the Flies''.{{an|2}} [[Gnome]] [[psy-ops]] cried, "This is doubtful!"

== Non Canonical Text ==

Civilization owes a debt to pigs. Wild boar run{{an|3}} from hunting and gathering societies to more sedentary agricultural communities.

Note to Western Civilization: the ancient Euro-Aegean custom of offering pigs [[hotdog]]s is Greek.

== See Also ==

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* [[Goat]]

== Notes ==

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{{anb|3}}I hope that I don't have to interpret this remark for you.

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[[Image:Pig.jpg|thumb|center|Yo Mama.]]
== Desiderata ==

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''Raw mountain oysters smell'' like truffles.

''Boars ejaculate a pint'' of semen during half-hour long orgasms.

A boar with no testicles is called a ''barrow''.